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What is baccarat: rules to play

April 21, 2021

Most often, the classic version of the game is presented in online casinos. Other varieties can be found in offline establishments, for example, baccarat at a large table, baccarat bank, punto banco and others.

In general, they all differ from the classic version in the number of decks, bankers, players, the role of the banker, distribution rules and other features of the game.

Short story

The country of origin of baccarat is unclear, but there are two main versions. According to the first of them, it originated in France, in the town of the same name, which is also the birthplace of crystal and delicate lace. Another version claims that this amazing game appeared in Italy and means “zero” in translation from Italian. Later, in the 15th century, baccarat became very popular among the French nobility, and then came to the east, to Asia. After that, the game appeared in the Caribbean region, and in the middle of the twentieth century, after the closure of the casinos in Havana, they began to play it in Las Vegas and throughout America.

Why baccarat?

  • If you like to challenge fate and try your luck, then this is a great choice.
  • In baccarat, success is 100% determined by luck.
  • The smallest house edge in this game is 1.06%.
  • The spread on baccarat bets is quite wide, which means that at one table you can bet any amount on average from 15 to 1000 €.

Fundamental rules

The cards are dealt for two: the player and the banker. Each receives two cards. Their task is to collect a winning combination so that their total is as close as possible to nine points. If the sum of points is higher than 10, then the second digit is taken into account, for example, if the sum of two cards is 16, then 6 is taken into account. Thus, there are always cards on hand, the sum of which is from zero to nine.

Ace gives one point, jacks, queens and kings do not bring points, and the rest of the cards from two to ten are counted according to their face value.

As we have already mentioned, three types of bets are possible in this game – on the player, on the banker (dealer) or on a draw. In general, the difference between the size of the winnings per player and the banker is the amount of the commission, which is withheld if the banker wins. Often it is about 5%.

Let’s briefly describe the process of the game.

  • The player places a bet within the established boundaries at the table. The banker and the player receive two cards each.
  • If someone has collected a combination that gives a total of eight or nine points, then the cards are compared with the opponent and the winner is determined.
  • Otherwise, the game continues and additional cards are dealt. The player draws a card if he has a total of six or less.
  • The banker takes the card according to the scheme.
  • At the end of each round, the winning hand is determined. The winner is the one with the combination closest to nine. Players win or lose.

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