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Casino Baccarat Rules: Card Dealing and Other Stages of the Game

April 27, 2020

Casino Baccarat Rules for the Best Results

Baccarat is considered to be one of the quickest to learn card games. The players should make the bets and predict the hand that can be closer to 9 or can be a Tie. The main objective of the game is to get as many scores as possible using 2-3 cards. Many gamblers would like to know about the casino Baccarat rules and how to play baccarat and win, the basic principles of the card dealing, as well as about 3d mini Baccarat rules of play.

Casino Baccarat card dealing rules

The cards are dealt according to precise rules.

  • Initially 4 cards are dealt one-by-one from the shoe.
  • The 1st and the 3rd cards are dealt face down.
  • The 2nd and the 4th cards are dealt face down until the player’s hand is called. At once, the 2nd and 4th cards shall be dealt face up for the banker’s hand.
  • If the bank has 8 or 9, no more cards are dealt.
  • If the point count of either hand does not have 8 or 9, the player always draws a 3rd card on totals of 0-1-2-3-4 and 5 and stand with 6-7-8 and 9.
  • All in all, Baccarat card dealing rules are simple. Any gambler can remember and use them easily in the gaming process and achieve success.

    Casino Baccarat Rules: Mini 3D Baccarat

    Actually, Mini-Baccarat basics are almost the same as in regular Baccarat. The gambler should just come up with the size of the bet and decide whether to bet on the bank, the player or the tie bet. The rules of this game are the following.

    1. 8 decks of cards are used.
    2. The dealer shuffles the cards and puts them in the shoe.
    3. 4 cards are dealt form the shoe. The player’s and the banker’s hands are arranged.
    4. No more than one extra card can be drawn to each hand.
    5. The hand closest to 9 is considered to be winning and should be rewarded at odds of 1 to 1.
    6. The player’s and banker’s hands neither win nor lose, if they result in identical totals. In this case the tie bet wins.
    7. All the cards are equal to their nominal value. Ace counts as 1. Deuce counts as 2. Any face cards and tens, or any of their combos, have no value. So 9 + 5 = 4. Jack + 1 = 1. This is one of the most hard-to-remember Casino Baccarat rules.

    All in all, both regular and mini Baccarat have their features. Choose the best one which fits your tastes and preferences but get familiar with the rules at first. The correct winning strategy is the key to your success.

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