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Baccarat game: how to beat it easy and fast using working strategies

April 13, 2020

Celebrity favorite baccarat game

The first official references to the baccarat game date back to the early 19th century. Initially, it was an elite game, only celebrities or very rich people could sit at the baccarat table.

Great fan of the game was James Bond. He is the 007 agent, the famous character in the novel called The Royal Casino. He spends almost half of his time playing it.

What is baccarat game?

New players may ask, what is a baccarat game? It is a gambling intriguing game. It will keep you tense all the time! It is easy to play in small and large groups. The number of players is not limited.

Baccarat is the tricky card deal. The name of the game, translated from Italian, means “zero”. Everything is simple here: the small general value of the card layout is a great chance to lose.

Today it is one of the most popular real money casino Australia games in the world. The biggest amounts of money is being drawn into this game.

Rules concept

The rules of the baccarat card game are not complicated. They are easy to remember and apply.

For this game, several full decks of 52 cards are used. The goal of the game is to guess who will win.

Win is a combination of two or three cards, the sum of which is approximately 8 or 9. The participant plays against the casino (croupier).

There are 3 bets in the game:

  1. Punto – a bet on the success of the player.
  2. Banco – a bet on winning a dealer.
  3. Dead heat – Punto and Banco points will be equal.

Game progress

The first step – the player makes a bet. After that, 2 cards are dealt. The player evaluates them and decides to take 3rd card or not.

After the player has taken the 3rd card, the following actions occur.

If the sum of the player’s cards is 8 or 9, then the cards are opened, compared with the dealer cards and the winner is determined.

If the sum of the player’s cards is less than 8, the player can take the third card. In this case, the banco:

  • if his points are from 0 to 2,
  • if he has 3 points and the 3rd Punto card is not 8,
  • if he has 4 points and the 3rd Punto card is 2-7,
  • if he has 5 points and the 3rd Punto card is 4-7,
  • if he has 6 points and the 3rd Punto card is 6 or 7, then Banco gets an additional card and the game ends;
  • If the player has has 7 points, game ends.

    In all other cases, the game ends immediately.

    Card Designations and Counting

    Card counting is carried out in order to determine who won. These designations:

    1. Cards from 2 to 9 are equal in value;
    2. Ace is 1;
    3. Ten, Jack, Queen and King are Zero.

    If the total amount of cards exceeds the value of 9, then 10 points are subtracted from the number.

    Strategy to beat a game

    How to beat at baccarat game? This game, like roulette, does not have a clear winning strategy. It depends on fortune. But, the most popular strategies in the baccarat game are:

    The further information gives a closer look into both of them.

    Martingale method

    The essence of the method is as follows:

    1. Make a small bet on one of the options.
    2. In case of loss, continue to bet on this option, while increasing the amount of the bet so that all lost bets pay off.

    3. Bet until the moment of winning.
    4. In case of a win, do all the previous actions, but to another option.

    Donald Natanson Strategy

    The essence of the strategy is as follows:

    1. Start with the base rate.
    2. In case of a win, reduce the bet by one value.
    3. in case of loss, increase the bet by 1.

    There are many more different strategies in this game, but these two are the most effective.

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